6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors


The holidays can be a lonely time for seniors living in assisted living homes. This year, bring holiday cheer to them with a visit and the perfect holiday gift. We at Mount Carmel Assisted Living strive to provide comfortable, engaging, and social atmospheres for our residents. But sometimes, a simple gift can add a little warmth or joy to their living spaces. Below is a list of gifts to get your elderly loved one living in an assisted home for the holidays.

1.Large print books: Barnes & Noble has an extensive large print book section perfect for browsing for best sellers for your senior reader. Books can take you on an amazing adventure all the while sitting in the comfort of your own home. What better gift to give your elderly loved one than the gift of adventure?

2.Family photo calendars: If your elderly loved one likes to keep track of important holidays, birthdays and other family celebrations, a personalized family calendar is a wonderful gift. Fill the calendar with happily shared family memories.

3.Cozy Bathrobe and slippers: Elderly people tend to get colder in the winter. Help them stay warm with this cozy, fur-lined bathrobe from Pottery Barn.

4.Large print puzzle books: Scientific studies point to problem-solving games and other puzzles helping aging brains stay healthy. Give your loved one something that will keep then engaged with these large print puzzle books.

5.Electronic picture frame: It can be cumbersome to pull out old family photos, especially when your loved one is living in an assisted living facility. With a digital electronic picture frame, you can load thousands of photos in one place.

6.Kindle Fire tablet: Pre-load a Kind Fire with books, games, and movies for your loved one. These tablets are affordable options to the iPad, and they’re easy to understand. Make sure to spend some time teaching your elderly parent how to use them for you leave for the day.

If you are thinking of visiting your elderly loved one this holiday season in their Hampton assisted living center, contact us ahead of time to make sure your visit doesn’t coincide with any treatment of events scheduled.

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