Coping with the Decision to Place Your Parent in a Nursing Home

Coping with the Decision to Place Your Parent in a Nursing Home


One of the most emotional and difficult decisions a person can experience is deciding to place his or her parent in a nursing home. Feelings of guilt or even cruelty are often associated with this kind of choice, especially if that individual has been their loved one’s primary caregiver.

If you have recently decided to send your parent to a nursing home, or even considering the choice, the following tips can help you cope with this decision:

  • Let go. Although we love our parents very much, you must remember that there are some things we cannot control. We can do so much to help them; however, they may need additional help that requires sacrificing an ample amount of your time, as well as money. When complete control of events is not in our hands, try to not to carry this weight on your shoulders and leave it to the professionals.
  • Consider their overall wellbeing. Your parent may oppose the idea of being placed in a nursing home. Alas, the overriding argument against their resistance is their health. If your parent is no longer able to take care of himself or herself, checking them into a nursing home is the best decision. He or she will have the resources necessary to receive proper medical care as well as comfort.
  • Check in on them as much as possible. Just because your parent lives in a nursing home doesn’t mean you will never see him or her again. If you happen to live close by and have the means, visit them often. When they see a familiar face frequently, it will help them adjust to their new circumstances.
  • Remain active with their care. While you are no longer your parent’s primary caregiver, it doesn’t mean that you do not need to take care of him or her anymore. You can still have an active, lessened role in their care. You can keep in contact with their caregivers. If you encounter any signs of abuse or negligence, make sure you contact the authorities and a lawyer immediately.

If you are interested in placing your parent in our Hampton elderly care facility, contact Mount Carmel Assisted Living and schedule an appointment today.

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