Can Occupational Therapy Help Dementia?

Can Occupational Therapy Help Dementia?

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Occupational therapy is an important source of support for not only the patients who are struggling with Dementia, but their families as well. An occupational therapist works with their clients to maximize their independence in their day-to-day life. Each patient has a different journey after a diagnosis of Dementia, but occupational therapists provide the tools patients and their families need to preserve memory and function.

Occupational therapists use assessments to identify the patient’s daily life goals, routines, and activities that they wish to protect or improve. By identifying areas patients are struggling with, an occupational therapist can help the patient and family find ways around these struggles with practical advice and techniques.

Occupational Therapy Goals for Dementia Patients:

  • To provide advice on new techniques to complete everyday activities as the patient’s condition advances.
  • To support the family in finding the right equipment to help with difficulties as they come up.
  • To provide longer term recommendations to ensure the patient’s home will continue to meet their needs.
  • To assist with fatigue management to combat the extreme tiredness that is common for Dementia sufferers.
  • To provide memory strategies to help manage short term memory loss.
  • To educate patients in orientation strategies to manage disorientation and confusion.
  • To can help with long term memory loss by using reminiscence techniques.
  • To assist the patient with routine planning to help them structure their day and provide stability.

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