5 Tips For Helping Seniors Transition To An Assisted Living Center

5 Tips For Helping Seniors Transition To An Assisted Living Center


Moving an elderly loved one who requires memory care to an assisted living facility can be quite arduous. Change can be an overwhelming and stressful challenge, especially those who experience memory loss. However, this type of change is necessary for your loved one to receive the specialized care and safety parameters to help strengthen their memory, impede aggressive behavior and ease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The following are five tips provided by our Hampton elder care living center experts to help your senior loved one make a smooth transition to their new home:

  1. Plan in Advance – Obtain a full page floor plan of the unit, which includes wall measurements.
  2. Coordinate with Staff – Share some of your loved one’s favorite activities and pastimes with the staff members. They may be able to provide opportunities or alternative means for your family member to participate in.
  3. Memory Board – Create a board complete with photographs of important people and significant events in your loved one’s life. Make sure you label each photo. This can also help staff members get to know your family member.
  4. Familiar Surroundings – Prior to moving day, coordinate with staff members to create an environment which will appear familiar to your loved one. Whether it’s their favorite chair or a quilt they adore, use some of their favorite things from home to decorate their room.
  5. Stress Reducing Activities – Having relevant activities to help your loved one reduce stress and enjoy is important, especially in the early days of the transition. You can create a box comprised of their past occupation and hobbies.

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